The Black Panther- Social Justice Event

For my social justice event, I went to see the Black Panther. It was a great educational film about the king of Wakanda, T’Challa, protecting his kingdom. A powerful enemy, Erik, comes around and tries anything he can to steal the Black Panther’s crown. Faced with much danger, the king must do whatever it takes to secure the safety of his people. This film taught us many lessons, ranging from diversity, to feminism, to the importance of family & love, etc. Everyone in the movie were people of color, which shows us all just how much African Americans can do. This was the first ever film was a black cast, along with black producers, directors, and everything behind-the-scenes. Other super hero films have mainly white people in it, which is why The Black Panther was such an inspirational film to people of color, to show just how powerful and inspirational African Americans truly are.


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The following link:

Teaches us five important lessons we get out of the film. A couple favorites of mine was the first lesson that goes with religion. The Wakandans pray to the goddess Bast, which is a woman. This teaches us that whatever religion one is, it is perfectly fine to embrace that religion whether you are praying to a “he” or a “she”. The film also teaches us that women are just as powerful as men, and we get many examples of this throughout the film. Shuri, Nakia, and Okoye fight many times against other men, and taking on some roles of men such as spies. There are many powerful women in the film as well as men, teaching us that women are capable of doing anything.

Another great site I came upon opens our eyes even more, teaching us some other lessons we get out of The Black Panther.

My favorite lesson from this is definitely the support we need in order to make improvements. From the beginning of the movie T’Challah is enhanced by the love and support from his people. Without that he wouldn’t be able to achieve all of the feats he did. Everyone needs a strong support system in their lives. It makes improvements a lot easier, and definitely worth it, even if it is for just yourself.


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This was another great site :

I came upon this and my eyes really opened up. It is true that this was definitely the first impactful superhero movie with people of color. This gives people of color, not just african americans, excitement and courage that one day their minority group will also be on the big screen as a super hero. Instead of seeing a black person in the back of a white movie being seen as a criminal, they are now the super hero in which people look up to and aspire to be like. That is just how important the Black Panther movie was.

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The Black Panther ties in with the Johnson reading because the film was all about completely denying the idea of “white privilege” and issues of difference by having a fully colored cast. Johnson explains, “My primary goal is to change how people think of issues of different and privilege, I’ve been less concerned with describing all the forms of difference can take and the problems associated with them. I’ve been drawn to forms of difference that are the most persuasive, that affect the greatest number of people, and threat produce the most harm. I focus almost entirely on gender, race, social class and sexual orientation.” The film deals with all of these issues strongly.

The film greatly ties in with “White Privilege” by McIntosh. Peggy explains, “Through work to bring materials from Women’s Studies into the rest of the curriculum, I have often noticed men’s unwillingness to grant that they are over privileged, even though they may grant that women are disadvantaged. They may say they will work to improve women’s status, in the society, the university, or the curriculum, but they can’t or won’t support the idea of lessening men’s. Denials, which amount to taboos, surround the subject of advantages, which men gain from women’s disadvantages. These denials protect male privilege from being fully acknowledged, lessened or ended. Thinking through unacknowledged male privilege as a phenomenon, I realized that since hierarchies in our society are interlocking, there was most likely a phenomenon of white privilege, which was similarly denied and protected. As a white person, I realized I had been taught about racism as something which puts others at a disadvantage, but had been taught not to see one of its corollary aspects, white privilege which puts me at an advantage”. This is exactly the issues that are exemplified throughout the film. Women are seen as just as powerful as the men, and all of the characters of color are seen as powerful and inspirational to the world, which deals with the issues Peggy talks about, and the film shows us how these issues should be dealt.


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The film also ties in with Terry Meier’s writing because they both deal with the issue of culture. In the Black Panther it is all about culture and the rich qualities one community brings to the world. We learn all about the african american routes and skills from their specific culture, which is was Meier is talking about. She goes on about how despite the children’s diverse backgrounds, each child brings their own linguistic abilties acquired through their homelife and communities. This adds diversity and influential differences to the classrooms, teaching kids about different cultures and how everyone is not the same.

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